Our mission is to deliver world class engineering and R&D services with yet reasonable costs.

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numerical analyses and optimisation

We offer R&D services based on numerical simulation and measurements…



We perform experimental modal testing, vibration surveys, strain and temperature fields measurements…


Structural integrity assessments

We have years of experience in structural integrity assessments for power generation and offshore industries…


Plant design and engineering

Nasza oferta obejmuje modelowanie przestrzenne, analizy wytrzymałościowe, koordynacje branż oraz analizy kolizji…


Engineering software

We offer development and deployment of dedicated engineering software tools for industry…


Technical consultancy

Zapewniamy wsparcie merytoryczne i prowadzenie projektów B+R…


R&D Experience

Our experience and practical skills in R&D on every stage of the project positively influences time and cost efficiency.

Practical knowledge of industrial processes

Close cooperation with the industry improves our efficiency in implementation of the state of the art research and development methods.

Latest software

Latest top industry scientific standard CAE (ANSYS, Code_Aster, Code_Saturne) and CAD (Bentley Systems) software is used in our projects. We also develop in-house tools which support fatigue and fracture analyses, heat balance calculations and composites modelling.

Outsourcing of R&D department

Comprehensive approach to R&D projects

We are a passionate team of engineers with experience gained in R&D and engineering departments of leading Polish and international companies. We are authors or co-authors of patented design solutions. Participation in international research projects in cooperation with consortia of European universities and research institutes supports our continuous improvement.

We comprehensively approach R&D project. However, we can also deliver relevant numerical analyses or measurements results for every stage of your R&D process.

Key personnel

Aleksander Przygoda

Vicepresident - founder and co-owner

Łukasz Maciejewski

Founder and co-owner

Roman Frątczak

President - founder and co-owner

Tomasz Czapliński

Founder and co-owner
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