Łukasz Maciejewski

Founder and co-owner

Łukasz Maciejewski

Name: Łukasz Maciejewski

Position: co-owner

Education: MSc, Wroclaw University of Technology, Mechanical Department, Individual Programme of Studies (applied mechanics, automation) 2002

Professional experience:
For over 6 year employed as senior design engineer in R&D department (Poland ans Switzerland) of an international company. Responsible for mechanical calculations of turbogenerator components and fatigue, fracture and dynamics analyses.

During employment at Wroclaw University of Technology responsible for numerical simulations of high pressure composites vessels in EU founded COPERNIC project.

Co-author of a patent: (EP 09461518.4 – Pole-to-pole connection of an electric generator and method of manufacture) 2011, patented design solution eliminates early low cycle fatigue failure of pole connection in a turbogenerator rotor winding.

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