Numerical analyses and optimisation

We offer R&D and consulting services based on numerical analysis, mainly employing Finite Elements Method (FEM). In our activities we rely on ANSYS by ANSYS Inc. and Code_Aster developed by EdF.


A wide range of our measurement services is usually employed in assessment and control of machines and structures operation risks as well as quality assurance of new products. We offer experimental modal analysis, vibration measurements, temperature and strain fields measurements, high pressure vessels and piping monitoring, localisation of defects and other.

Structural integrity assessments

Most of the structures, machines and appliances operate and are subject to static and cyclic loading resulting from external factors and their dynamic state.

Operating circumstances and dynamic state influence technical condition and reliability of structures. Analyses supported by numerical methods significantly accelerate reliability and integrity already in the development phase of a structure or component. They also allow to define inspection intervals and required service activities.

For a construction, machine or component with defects identified analyses are focused on delivery of safe operation time and required repair actions. The delivery of a desired answer is usually supported by numerical simulations and relevant codes or guidelines.

Plant design and engineering

We offer comprehensive design services for pipelines and pressure vessels in the following areas: 3D spatial modeling, strength analysis, industry coordination, collision analysis.

Engineering software

In the field of engineering software you will find in our offer a range of Bentley Systems software from PLANT, PIPE, Project Data Management and CAD branches. Moreover, we offer development and deployment of dedicated material models and software tools to enhance your engineering experience and extend capabilities of your FE codes like ANSYS, Code_Aster  and others. We also develop in-house tools supporting fatigue, fracture and heat balance assessments.

As a member of Code_Aster ProNet we deliver consulting and training services for Code_Aster users

Technical consultancy services

We offer to plan and carry out optimization issues aimed at, among other things: identifying , parameters of models of materials or processes, indicating optimal design solutions taking into account such variables as cost, weight, topology or operational safety, identifying the relationship between input parameters and the response of the structure or processes (sensitivity analysis) thus enabling the effective implementation of the optimization process itself.