Tomasz Czapliński

Founder and co-owner

Tomasz Czapliński

Name: Tomasz Czapliński

Position: co-owner

Education: MSc Wroclaw University of Technology, Mechanical Department, Individual Programme of Studies (Machines Mechanics and Design, Automation and Robotics) 2004

Professional experience:

For over 7 years employed as design and lead design engineer in R&D department of an international company. As a lead design engineer was responsible for R&D projects for new turbogenerator designs.

Specialises in application of numerical analyses in engineering especially composite materials and rotating components modelling. In addition, focuses on integrity assessments of welded structures under variable loading.

During employment at Wroclaw University of Technology responsible for numerical simulations of high pressure composites vessels in EU founded COPERNIC project.

Currently in Nobo Solutions is responsible for carrying out, supervision and coordination of numerical simulation activities. Is engaged in current design and R&D projects for international companies and European Space Agency.

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