Modelling of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams,


Modelling of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams,

Code_Aster and Salome User Day Clamart (France) 17.03.2016.


All the tasks described below were solved during the project concerning

development a new type of a prefabricated composite steel-concrete beam.

In the project Nobo Solutions team is responsible for numerical

modelling and simulations that along with experimental tests in the

laboratory (multi-point bending tests, fire resistance tests) are being

currently utilized to derive analytical equations describing load

capacity of different beams in series.

Due to confidentiality of the project real beam models cannot be

revealed. Therefore, the benchmarks of simplified models are presented

For the numerical calculation purpose Code_Aster solver is employed.

Discretisation of the models is done using commercial software and

SALOME combined with Python scripting. Results are post-processed using

SALOME (ParaViS module) and GMSH.


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