Lifetime assessment for turbogenerator rotor tooth

Series of numerical analyses were performed in order to identify the machine operation technical risk.


Lifetime assessment for turbogenerator rotor tooth

Numerical model was developed for determination of structural strength, low cycle fatigue calculation and in fracture mechanics field. Several detailed designs were tested with influence on the machine life time. Analyses were conducted with finite element method (MES) and in-house developed tool for fatigue and fracture assessment.

FEM analysis

Allows to determine loads in analysed design component for several different operation conditions. Obtained results allows to conduct lifetime assessment – low cycle fatigue and fracture mechanics.

Fatigue lifetime

Allows to estimate the predicted lifetime of the design with assumed operation conditions and their changes within the time – using in-house developed tool. Recommended time period between service and inspection event was given with specifying locations that require special attention.

Fracture mechanics

With knowledge of material used for the design and possible flaws within it was possible to determine the minimal time period between inspections for risk mitigation of crack growth and possible brittle fracture. In-house tool were used for linear elastic fracture mechanics assessment.