Modelling of High Pressure Composite Vessels


Modelling of High Pressure Composite Vessels,

10th International Conference on Composite Science and Technology, Lisbon (Portugal), 2-4.09.2015.




The high pressure composite vessels are made out of composite material

reinforced with carbon fibers. The vessels are manufactured by filament

winding process, therefore mechanical properties of such composite

depend strongly on the winding structure. Determining elastic parameters

of these materials is an important issue. The most popular method is an

experimental one, however it is expensive. Alternative method is

homogenization of the materials parameters. Homogenization allows

determining materials parameters base on known properties of composite

phases, such as matrix and reinforcement. Depending on the filament

winding pattern the RVE (Representative Volume Element) can be divided

into subcells and homogenization can take place in several stages form

micro to mezo scale.

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